2018 Official Rules

Updated 12/01/2017


Official tournament rules


1. $40.00 entry fee per contestant. $20.00 or 50% of the ticket price to go towards raffle prizes and $20.00 or 50% of ticket price to go towards fishing derby prizes.

Tickets sales limited to 4500

Because our ticket is a two in one ticket; the raffle stub part of the ticket must have an adult’s name on it, the ticket itself will allow anyone entry to the fishing contest area. There is no age limit on the fishing contest. Must be 18 years or older to participate in the raffle.


2.   Site of contest will be on fish hook lake. Hours of contest will be 1:00 pm to 3:30 pm.


3.   Only 1 fishing prize per person per division. The 20th largest fish is a division by itself.


4.   No contestant may fish within contest area prior to start of contest (1:00 pm)


5.   All contestants and gear must be registered at front gate prior to participating in fishing contest


6.  You must fish in our designated area and have your tournament ticket in your possession.


7.   All fish entered must be brought to the judges stand immediately. Only live and unfrozen fish are eligible. Only fish caught during contest hours and within the tournament boundaries are eligible.


8. All holes provided.  Entrant to maintain holes. There will be sufficient opened holes. 


9. Augers, power or hand, will not be allowed in contest area.


10. You must have a current Minnesota fishing license and abide by state laws.




12. Normal size bait buckets are allowed. Coolers or large containers of any size are not allowed.  No vehicles or fish houses.   Fishing from a fish house will not be allowed. However, 3 sided shelters with no roof will be allowed.


13. We will provide parking off the lake. Instructions will come with your official tournament ticket on where to park and transportation to lake. State issued handicap permits are sufficient for entry into handicap parking on the lake.  Courtesy cars and shuttles will take handicap to tournament area.


14. Access to contest will be by the main gate only. Crossing the perimeter will be grounds for immediate disqualification.



15. Participants must act and behave in an orderly manner and be responsible for their actions. No debris is to be left by you in your area during or after the contest.


16. Decisions by our judges will be binding and final.


17. In case of cancellation an announcement will be made on one of the area radio stations, on February 4, 2017 at 9 a.m. and 10 am.


18. Minnesota state law states fishing prizes not awarded in the contest cannot be raffled.  However, in the case of a total cancellation of the fishing contest, all prizes will be raffled.


19. The American legion will pay sales tax for truck and atv’s.  Winner is responsible for licensing/registering their prizes, their own income taxes and any other applicable fees or taxes.


20. Otto Hendrickson post 212 reserves the right to use lie detector tests if they deem it necessary on any or all contestants who claim to be a winner.


21. There will be no contestant sharing of fish. All fish caught must go immediately to the judges stand. You must register your own fish. If you allow someone else to register your fish, the American legion will not be responsible for any dispute in the awarding of prizes.


22. Failure to comply with these rules may lead to a contestant’s disqualification and cancellation of participation in this contest.


23. Security will be provided at parking and contest areas. American legion post 212 will not be responsible for lost, stolen, or damaged property.


24. This is a non-profit ice fishing raffle.  Profits will be used for charitable needs inthe greater park rapids area.


25. Tickets sellers may not purchase tickets from themselves.


26. The individual who sells the winning ticket for the ice castle fish house for the fishing derby (not the raffle drawing) shall be awarded $2000. (American legion employees are included in this)


27.    The individual who sells the most tickets will be awarded $2000.  (American legion employees are excluded from this competition.)


28. In case of a tie, the first fish registered would break the tie.


29. Winner posting board on lake is not official. Final winners will be posted at the legion club.


30. All contestants and others hereby consent to the use of any names, photographs or likenesses of themselves to be used in the promotion of our contest, including but not limited to print, radio, television, or any other media.


31. Tickets may be purchased at: park rapids American legion post 212, from members, or through authorized ticket sellers.


For further information, please call


Charitable gambling license #ao0220-001.

Pursuant to the rules established by the

Park rapids American legion post 212.




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